Special mentions in media

TrailRunner 3.1 has been picked as the editor’s choice on Softonic.
TrailRunner Softonic Rating

TrailRunner has been granted the "Excellent" certificate at FindMySoft.com

I am not sure what it's worth, but mac.softpedia.com found TrailRunner to be free of any malicious code like spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

What's more interesting is the fact that softpedia published some screenshots of TrailRunner depicting a map snapshot of a region in Romania near the river Prut. Looks like globalization also caught the software review industry…

> mac.softpedia.com
> Softpedia Screenshot
> Wikipedia Prut

TrailRunner - One of the Best Mac-Software?

Heise.de sucht für ein Themen-Special nach den besten Programmen für Mac OS X. Wer mithelfen möchte, dass der TrailRunner mit dabei ist, der kann über ein Online Formular bei Heise für den TrailRunner votieren. Würde mich freuen !

> TrailRunner im Heise Software Archiv dort dann auf die Bewertungsskala klicken (erfordert leider eine Registrierung).

Heise.de is looking for any best Mac software. If you would like to vote for TrailRunner, click the link above and use the rating tool on the listing page. Related to this I would also be happy if you could help pushing votes for TrailRunner on iusethis. Click the badge below (unfortunately requires a registration too)

Special Mention @ MacGeneration Award 2006

TrailRunner today got a special mention as "meilleure utilisation des technologies Apple" (Best usage of Apple technologies) in the MacGeneration Award 2006.
Read about the winners and the mention:
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MacNews German

This also is a big thank you to all contributors of feedback and new ideas. Even if we hardly speak the same languages.