Press Reviews of TrailRunner and RaceBunny

Mon, 29 Nov 2010, review of TrailRunner and RaceBunny in MacWorld UK: A desktop application with an iPhone equivalent, TrailRunner is for tracking, storing and rating running routes. Article Link

November 30, 2010; review of TrailRunner and RaceBunny at I think I’ve arrived late to the party but I’ve just stumbled upon a brilliant piece of software that can actually give Sporttracks a run for it’s money. Article Link

Special mentions in media

TrailRunner 3.1 has been picked as the editor’s choice on Softonic.
TrailRunner Softonic Rating

TrailRunner has been granted the "Excellent" certificate at

I am not sure what it's worth, but found TrailRunner to be free of any malicious code like spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

What's more interesting is the fact that softpedia published some screenshots of TrailRunner depicting a map snapshot of a region in Romania near the river Prut. Looks like globalization also caught the software review industry…

> Softpedia Screenshot
> Wikipedia Prut

TrailRunner -- Live Performance

Want to see me running live? Watch out for a guy running in this T-Shirt ;-)

My first competition this year will be Sunday, March 21st for "Auf die Platte-fertig-los", Wiesbaden, Germany.
As every year this is the first of a series of up-hill races I do. Roughly 8 km with 450 m of ascent.

I wish all of you a successful season!

Take care,
- berbie.

> Get your own…

Testbericht auf [de]

[Updated] Grosser Testbericht über TrailRunner auf, einem Online Magazin für Mountainbiker. Frosthelm sammelt Trails für Mountainbiker.
Die Trails werden mit Action-Videos, Anfahrtsbeschreibung und GPS Daten vorgestellt. Gerade wegen der GPS Daten ist Frosthelm eine guter Fundus für TrailRunner aus dem MTB Bereich.

> Testbericht

Weitere Testberichte
TrailRunner macht Bock aufs Laufen:, 1.1.2008
iTrail und Trailrunner im Test:, 26.01.2009

iPhone on the hike -- Battery Extender

In the not so distant future I will go on vacation to the Pyrenees in France. And as a Hiking trip could last far longer than the battery life of my iPhone, I bought this cool clamshell that on the one hand protects my iPhone plus adds more grip to hold it and on the other hand gives it a huge power boost. The idea for this item is so simple and genious. I just love it and therefore I wanted you to know…

> Mophie Juice Pack Case…

Where do TrailRunners live?

As one might expect, the TrailRunner community is very international. Thanks to google, I can present you a Geo Map Overlay for TrailRunners, a graphical representation of the volume of visitors coming from locations around the world. The darkest spots indicate locations driving the most visitors to the TrailRunner website.
Interestingly most of my visitors come from Europe, but why is that so? Americans, put your shoes on…!

How to lose 200 pounds in a year - TrailRunner featured at mentions TrailRunner in their feature article „The Best Tech Tools and Fitness Plans to Get in Shape“.

If you're not keen on the web-based route, the Mac-only TrailRunner is an incredible desktop application that tackles many of the same features with a quick and very attractive interface. TrailRunner even integrates with Nike+ iPod, Google Earth, and your GPS (though MapMyRun does GPS, too).

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iSchweinehund - c't Magazin 03/2009

If you are a german speaking user, you might want to read the short article about TrailRunner in the german magazine c’t. In issue 03/2009 on page 59 they write:

„TrailRunner liefert nicht nur einen virtuellen Trainingspartner, sondern macht auch als GPS-Track-Editor für Amateur-Kartographen eine gute Figur“.

I liked that they wrote me in advance to cross read the article and gave me a chance to make remarks. They even did send me a copy of the issue for my records.
The issue will be out by Monday, January 19th.

Slam it! - an iPhone game

The other days I was sitting together with some friends and thought about a fun iPhone app. Well, as one thing came to another we decided use the accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod touch to detect if someone has slammed on the table and to point out who’s going to pay the next round.
And here’s the outcome, a 0,79 Euro App in the AppStore:

“Slam it!” is a fun way to draw sticks, have a shoot-out, find a random winner. Having a kids’ birthday and want to find a team captain? Need to determine who’s paying the next round? Who will be the designated driver? Which poor soul in your shared flat will do the dishes? Don’t just agree on it or, god forbid, command it – no, slam it!

Put your iPhone or iPod touch on a table or desk. Gather the participants around your precious and have them select a playing field by placing a finger on the screen. (Explain to them this is the only circumstance under which you’ll let their greedy paws touch it!) Once everyone lifts their finger, the spinner will start.

Now here’s the twist: While the spinner will eventually decelerate and randomly point out a winner (or loser!) you can influence fate by slamming on the table. When you do so, the spin-down will start and select the loser not so randomly...

“Slam it!” can be played in two game modes (
Protect Yourself and Last Player Wins) and comes with three themes to choose from.

Have fun!

> Website
> AppStore


(German) Trailrunner wurde in der aktuellen COMPUTER BILD 24/08 im Rahmen eines Navigations-Vergleichstests kurz vorgestellt – auf der Seite 89 beim Thema “Freizeitnavigation” gibt es einen Screenshot. Auch genannt in dem Artikel ist iTrail für das iPhone.

Press Reviews

In the december 2006 issue of french SVM Mac magazine TrailRunner is being reviewed on page 98. It's a short description on what the application does and for whom it is useful. "TrailRunner se révèle un outil sophistiqué pour l'entraînement sportif e la préparation de parcours".
June 2006 issue of UK MacFormat magazine published a two page how two get directions from your iPod. "Create maps and route plans, then transfer them to your iPod wit this ingenious piece of software". Pages 62 and 63.
October 2006 issue of the german MacLife magazine wrote a News & Trends article about TralRunner and GPS Photo linker. The article is called "Rennende GPS-Fotografen" (running GPS photographers). Page 13.
Frebruary 2006 issue of german c't magazine noted TrailRunner in its New for Mac section. Page 54 announces the new iPod Nano and below an Article about TrailRunner. "Mit TrailRunner kann man seine Laufstrecken planen".

More Press Reviews
Keeping Your Workout Fresh:, 01/26/08

TrailRunner - One of the Best Mac-Software? sucht für ein Themen-Special nach den besten Programmen für Mac OS X. Wer mithelfen möchte, dass der TrailRunner mit dabei ist, der kann über ein Online Formular bei Heise für den TrailRunner votieren. Würde mich freuen !

> TrailRunner im Heise Software Archiv dort dann auf die Bewertungsskala klicken (erfordert leider eine Registrierung). is looking for any best Mac software. If you would like to vote for TrailRunner, click the link above and use the rating tool on the listing page. Related to this I would also be happy if you could help pushing votes for TrailRunner on iusethis. Click the badge below (unfortunately requires a registration too)

Special Mention @ MacGeneration Award 2006

TrailRunner today got a special mention as "meilleure utilisation des technologies Apple" (Best usage of Apple technologies) in the MacGeneration Award 2006.
Read about the winners and the mention:
Français Original
MacNews German

This also is a big thank you to all contributors of feedback and new ideas. Even if we hardly speak the same languages.