How to help out translating TrailRunner to your language

With the fabulous help of many users, TrailRunner is localized to German, Swedish, Italian, traditional Chinese (Taiwan), French, Dutch and Japanese. To everyone who had completed the original translations or improved them by their comments, thank you very much!

[Updated] Italiano: Cesare, Oskar, Pierino, Giancarlo
Japanese: Takashi, Toshimi, Norihisa
Czech: Marek
Français: Raphael, Xavier, Olivier, David
Español: Oscar, Juan, Javier
Taiwanese: Nitoc
Dutch: Steven, Bart
Swedish: Henrik
Simplified Chinese: Myckel

If you like to translate TrailRunner to your language or if you would like to supplement an existing translation, please contact me.
I have set up GoogleSpreadsheets you may then use for your localization process: