How to transfer large files

Problem: How can I transfer large files over the internet when I don't have a server to upload them?

: download and install Dropbox. Once installed you'll find a folder named Public in your __yourhome__/Dropbox directory. Put any large files in there and wait until the Dropbox icon for that file displays a green checkmark. Now right click that file and select the Dropbox > Copy Public Link context menu item. Send me — or anyone else you like to send this information to — the public link.

: Dropbox can also be used to synchronize your diary with other computers you own: Read more

Share diary and document between different Macs

Problem: You have a Mac at home and one at work. You would like to synchronize your TrailRunner diary with these two computers.
Solution: TrailRunner supports Dropbox. You can put the TrailRunner documents into your Dropbox and the data gets synchronized between all linked computers.

As you might already know, TrailRunner stores all vital information within your home directories Application Support folder

To move your TrailRunner data to Dropbox, follow these steps:

- Download and install Dropbox.
- By default, Dropbox creates a new folder in your home directory called Dropbox.
- Open this folder and make sure that a folder named Documents exists within. If this is not the case, create one with the exact spelling.
- Now go to: [yourhome]/Library/Application Support/
- Within, find the folder named TrailRunner and move this into the aforementioned Documents folder.

Next time you start up TrailRunner, the application will check on if your home directory contains the following folder:
[yourhome]/Dropbox/Apps/TrailRunner/Application Support

If that's the case, TrailRunner will access this location instead of the default Library/Application Support location.

If the default folder does not suit you, these alternatives are also looked into:
[yourhome]/Documents/Dropbox/Apps/TrailRunner/Application Support [yourhome]/Dropbox/Apps/TrailRunner/Application Support [yourhome]/Dropbox/Documents/TrailRunner
[yourhome]/Shared/Library/Application Support/TrailRunner

As this folder now is located within your dropbox, it is automatically being backed up and synchronized between all computers being linked to your dropbox.

How can I backup my files

Problem: It's not really obvious to me where TrailRunner stores the main document containing routes and the database containing my diary activities. How can I backup these files?

: TrailRunner stores files in the following folders. Backup these folders/files and your personal data is safe.
__yourhome__/Library/Application Support/TrailRunner

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Hint: Another alternative to backing up your files is to place them in Dropbox. This also enables you to synchronize with other computers you own:
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Hint: on Mac OS X Lion the __yourhome__/Library folder is invisible by default. But just hold down the option key while pulling down the Finder's "Go" menu to get there. Or you can make it permanently visible using the following terminal command:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/
or you can open it by typing the following into the Finder menu item Go > Go to Folder box: