Does TrailRunner support the Polar XXX monitor?

Problem: TrailRunner is not able to directly import Polar Workout data from the monitor.
Solutions: Using third party helper applications, TrailRunner may read data files created by these application. Known solutions are:
- With TrackRecord you can download workouts for some SonicLink Polar devices but Infrared is not supported.
- If you can manage to download HRM files with e.g. a windows emulator and Polar software you can import the file into TrailRunner. But it requires that you have worn a foot-pod during the workout as TrailRunner relies on the distance information to display a workout chart and merge the workout data with the course of a route.
- Any other application that can export GPX and TCX files from Polar devices can be used too, as TrailRunner can import these file formats.
> Supported Devices
Unsupported watches are: Polar RS300X
PS: Please let me know if you found a working solution.