How can I export my network of tracks

Problem: your network of tracks may have gotten very huge or contains some corrupted items you can't identify. Therefore you may want to start anew or make some kind of backup.
Solution: in network tracks mode, select a range of objects and Edit > Copy these. The clipboard now contains GPX fragments of these items. You can paste that into a second TrailRunner document or into any text file.
Tip: you can also use this technique to give parts of your network of tracks to a friend for that he/she can import these segments.

How can I export my diary

Problem: While TrailRunner already has some statistical graphs built in, you sometimes still want to create your own graphs like e.g "calories burnt per kilometer".
Solution: Select the diary entries in TrailRunner and use Edit > Copy to paste the data into an external spreadsheet application like Numbers or Excel. To select all entries in TrailRunner, use Command-A.
Tip: If you import your data into Excel, make sure that the column separator is set to "tab separated".

How can I manually publish my weblog

Problem: TrailRunner can publish your weblog to either a .Mac or FTP account. Both options might not work for you.
Solution: To manually copy your weblog to another server, follow these steps:
- Press the Preview Button in the Publish pane.
Safari will open and will show you the preview.
- Remove the /weblog.html part of the url displayed in the address bar.
- Press the return key while the cursor is still in the address bar.
Finder will open a new window with the exported files.
- Manually copy these to your server.