TrailRunner is a route planning software for all kinds of long distance sports like running, biking, hiking, inline-skating, skiing and more. If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening — then TrailRunner should be your training-partner. TrailRunner can calculate a route for your desired distance and export directions onto your iPhone or GPS, giving you a detailed orientation while you are on your way.



I stumbled upon your ‘Trailrunner’ software a short time ago and am quite simply stunned! This is exactly what I have been looking for for years, but have made do with Garmin’s much inferior programme. Thank you so much... - Kevin

TrailRunner has a rich set of features and really meets my needs, especially in keeping my diary up to date, and in maintaining my own network of tracks. Besides that, it is very well documented and we have access to a lot of cool resources. [...] Thanks again for this useful peace of software. It really makes my rides a lot funnier. - Henrique

I just wanted to say that this is an incredible piece of software and your support is second to none! Everyone should graciously donate the mere 25EUR to help you keep this going. Keep up the fantastic work it just keeps getting better and better. - Aaron

I do have to say you've done a great job with the whole program - I think one of the reasons I'm still running is to keep the diary looking full with pretty graphs :) - Ben

I´m so happy to use Trailrunner! - David

I like this app a lot. I've been using it daily since I bought my Garmin Edge 705 and really like nearly everything about it. - JORY via

I'm so happy to have donated for your amazing software. You deserve that! That's the best software to follow my mountain bike trips with my Garmin Edge... Really great ! - Nicolas

Tom, thanks for supporting the TrailRunner project with your donation.
Tom: No - thank YOU for creating it, it's an amazing piece of software! Makes wanting to go for a run that much more inviting.
- Tom

Trailrunner is a wonderful application and the reason why I bought my first GPS device last week. My donation will follow with your next release ;-) - Egon

Cool. Great program. I use it several times a week. It's the main thing that makes me go running! - James


  • Run2

    For Running. Plan workout routes and check your pace at checkpoints.

  • bike

    For Biking. Import and analyze GPS recordings. Including recoded data like hear-trate, power and cadence.

  • Hike

    For Hiking. Plan tours and collect beautiful tracks and trails.

  • toolbarImagery

    Activities. Import your activities into different diaries.

  • toolbarNewRoute

    Route Planning. Create new routes interactively or automatically, for a given distance and with the highest attractiveness.

  • toolbarInfo

    Personal Network of tracks. Manage your local network of favourite tracks. Annotate your tracks with descriptions, colors and the famous iTunes rating stars.

  • toolbarImagery

    Internet Services. Load background maps and elevation data from openStreetMap and other services.

  • toolbarExportToiPod

    iPhone. Import GPS route courses from the iPhone.

  • toolbarImportFromiPod

    Share Routes. Share your routes on and with members of the biggest online outdoor communities.

  • toolbarImportFromiPod

    Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Import workouts from your Nike+ Sportband or iPod Sport Kit and assign routes with real world distances.

  • toolbarExportToGPS

    Heart Rate Monitors. Import and manage GPX or Polar HRM workout protocols.

  • toolbarExportToiPod

    NanoMaps. Export route descriptions as NanoMaps for iPods or cellphones.

  • toolbarRunLog

    Diary. Collect and describe workouts in different diaries. Compare histograms per workout and over time.

  • Pasted Graphic

    Apple Mobile Me. Publish an excerpt of your diary and route descriptions as a WebLog.

  • Lover

    Exercise plan & Calendar. Improve your base endurance in small and adaptive steps by following your workout schedule. Manage your goals and planned events.

  • International

    Languages. Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, and traditional Chinese.

  • Pasted Graphic

    GoogleEarth. Watch routes in GoogleEarth with just one click.