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More Tutorials

More Tutorials on how to use TrailRunner

TrailRunner can be very helpful but also needs kind of a learning curve. The following Tutorials should be the best way to learn more about TrailRunner.

About tracks, routes, workouts and mergeA written introduction on the differences between tracks, routes, workouts and merge and how you can manage these with TrailRunner.
Video Screencast on getting started with TrailRunnerThis Tutorial shows how to find your location by searching for a city, moving the map to the target location and then importing routes from
Import and Edit TracksThis tutorial is a step-by-step instruction on how to import Tracks into TrailRunner and correct wrong GPS recoding points prior to adding a new diary entry or route.
Mastering Track MergeThis tutorial is a step-by-step instruction on managing your network of tracks. Learn to manually consolidate by using the split and merge operations on tracks and way-points.
Using TrailRunner with your ForeRunner 305This Tutorial describes the typical usage of TrailRunner together with a GPS Device. You import tracks, build a net of tracks, make corrections to the recordings. The Tutorial might be interesting to all users, even if you do not own a ForeRunner.
Using TrailRunner with your Nike+iPod sport kitThis Tutorial describes the typical usage of TrailRunner together with a Nike+iPod sport kit. You import workouts and assign routes to those. The correct calibration of your iPod will be no more issue then.
Using TrailRunner with your iPhoneThis Tutorial describes how you can import tracks you have recorded with iTrail on your iPhone.
Using TrailRunner with GPSies.comThis Tutorial describes how you can download and share routes with, an international communitiy for exploring and sharing routes.