Make Route from Activity takes veeeery long

Problem: You have selected an activity and click on the make route button. TrailRunner becomes unresponsive and calculates for a very long time until the process is finished or seemingly never finishes.
Background: If you have already collected a network of track and merge new elements into it, the calculation of what is already there and what is similar and can be consolidated can be very time intensive.
Suggestion: Please read the quick-guide tutorial and understand what way-point perimeters mean. If you can set up your network of tracks to contain landmarks with good perimeters, the operation above will be much faster.
Workaround: The only alternative is to merge the track by hand (yellow sign) and then later recreate a route based on the spitted and joined tracks. This will also give you the opportunity to initially set up your way-point perimeters.

> QuickGuide Tutorlal