Modify workout courses

Problem: You forgot to turn off your GPS device or the signal was very weak at the beginning of your workout. You would like to trim your recorded workout data at the beginning and/or end.
Background: You can only modify workout courses for activities while you are about to import them. Once they are within the diary, it's not possible anymore to alter them.
Solution: Use the track-point inspector panel to modify the activities track before you import the activity.
There are two techniques you can now use to correct the data to be imported before you actually import them. In both cases, first open the track-point inspector panel in the bottom toolbar:
1) Select the range you want to remove. In the track-point inspector panel select the 'trim selection' command. This will remove all data points from the selection up to the nearest edge.
2) Select one data point, e.g. the first datapoint of the presumable next workout. In the track-point inspector panel, select the 'split at selection' command. This will remove the selected data point and create two new entries for either side of the selection.

: Please also see Tutorial > Import Activities