How can I filter the diary entries for activities with common attributes?

Problem: The diary windows left pane has preconfigured filter modes for date, equipment and workout types. But you would like to see all entries of an arbitrary common property, month or year.
Solution: in the diary window search field, you can for entries that match common attributes. The following examples may give you a picture of what that is capable of.
- Search for fragments in the comment field. For example 'evening run' would find all entries that contain this text fragment in their comment field.
- This enables you to use tagging. For example you could make yourself up a tag like 'x-withDog' 'x-fromWorkToHome', enter these tags into any activities comment and then search for those.
- You can also search for parts of the date. Enter '2011-' to find all entries of that year or '2011-03' to find all entries of that month. or -'03-' to find all entries of in March of every year. (for your interest, the full date format is yyy-mm-dd)