NSArrayController awakeFromInsert

This week I got into some trouble with Systems running MacOS X 10.5 and my custom implementation of NSArrayController

Problem: I have an overwritten version of NSArrayController that has an implementation for awakeFromNib to initialize some internal states.
First, under 10.5 the method awakeFromNib is not being declared in NSObject (in contrast to 10.6) so there is no [super awakeFromNib] for NSArrayController in 10.5
Second, when you have an implementation for awakeFromNib in your NSArrayController/NSObjectController the whole CoreData usesLazyFetching mechanism for Managed Objects of a certain entity is not being called by Mac OS X 10.5
In my implementation of awakeFromNib I was observing the selection and the arrangedObjects.

Solution: Do not overwrite awakeFromNib if you want to deploy for 10.5. Im my special case: as usesLazyFetching fires delayed, there is no reason not to put the observation code into initWithCoder or respectively into your designated initializer method.