Use TrailRunner with Suunto Devices

I added an importer for Suunto devices that works with the Suunto Movescount online service and the Suunto Moveslink interface.

Moveslink is an application that connects your Suunto device to Movescount. Moveslink is always running when you start your computer so you can plug in your device any time.

Set TrailRunner > Preferences > Synchronize > Helper Application to Suunto Moveslink.
In TrailRunner click on the import from device button in the main application toolbar.

The Suunto MovesLink application will start, automatically downloading your fitness data from your device and uploading the data to Movescount.
Quit the MovesLink application and follow the screen instructions in TrailRunner.

Please note that with all other device data, TrailRunner can only display fitness data that also contains distance information. In this case you should always wear a foot-pod.

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