TrailRunner 1.6 - New Layout Mimic

Release v216 already brought the first major rewrite of the layout track and layout route mimic. v217 will bring the next level, the adjust route mimic.

Mostly important, the stupid you first have to create a network of tracks and then think of your routes limitation is now gone. All first time users have only their route in mind and don't care a straw about any conceptual limitations in TrailRunner. So I finally removed another annoying limitation: Just press the green New Route button and start creating your route while in reality you create a track and concurrently add it to the piggyback route. The Layout and calculate routes chapter in Help has a video tutorial illustrating this:

Changing the course of a route is an old, yet one of the first features, of TrailRunner — though most users might not be aware of it. It's simple: Drag any way-point that's part of the routes course onto another free way-point and reroute the route over that point. The new behavior is that while you are dragging you get a visual preview of what the result of the reroute will look like. As with the new layout engine, undo should now be fine with this operation too. Have a look: